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Design Services

Documentation of on-site conditions  
  • Measure existing spaces and take “before” photos
Interview client to determine needs and goals

Concept Development 
  • Brainstorm to develop cohesive design concept and master plan
Space Plan Development for commercial or residential spaces

Design Development of interior elements and finish materials
  • Flooring, rugs, wall treatments, window treatments, furnishings
Development of color palette and textiles
Custom design elements  
  • Cabinetry and millwork
  •  Custom bedding
  •  Custom drapery and window treatments
  •  Custom furnishings, mirrors
Purchasing and procurement of furnishings
  • Track orders
  • Approve submittals from vendors and contractors
  • Arrange delivery and installation
Construction Documentation 
  • Issue working drawings for bid, negotiation and construction
On-site observation of construction/installations 
  • Act as representative on the client’s behalf
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